Audition Notice!

The Peninsula Players are holding auditions for "Tainted Justice" on Saturday, June 25th at 7:00pm

Based on the book Tainted Justice 1914 by David Newton

Drawn from facts surrounding a real murder mystery on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Tainted Justice is a compelling drama by the author of Ravenscroft . Pearl, a troubled young woman, is haunted by doubts about who actually murdered her father in the dark woods by the cranberry bogs at twilight one August evening in 1913. By turns funny, haunting, and frightening, this intricately plotted investigation into what can truly be known about other people and their motives weaves memory, testimony, and scenes of twisted confrontation into a compelling tapestry of darkness and light.

Written by Don Nigro
Directed by Geoffrey Davidson

Audition Dates
Saturday, June 25th 7-10 pm

Room #4
Mary Winspear Centre
2243 Beacon Avenue
Sidney, BC
V8L 1W9

Cast Requirements
5 Males
3 Females

Female Roles

Pearl (18) – Smart, well read, has a deep soul. Looking to find out the truth of her father’s death from 12 years ago.

Tena (30s-50s) – Pearl’s mom. Smart, has a beauty that doesn’t wither with age. Is estranged from her daughter.

Maudie (30s-50s) – A sweet, sensitive soul, who makes a great fried chicken. She is married to Jim, the lawyer who defended the man accused of murdering Pearl’s father. During the course of the show she plays the piano and sings “Just a song at Twilight”

Here’s a link to the song:


Male Roles

Ben Atkinson (30s-60s) – Tena’s husband and Pearl’s father who died under mysterious circumstances. He is a stubborn mule, looking to make a fortune in cranberry bogs.

Frank Haynes (late 20s-30s) – A charismatic, likable man, who has an easy way with the ladies. One can never tell if he is telling the truth or spinning a story. An American accused of killing Pearl’s father.

Jim (30s-50s) – The lawyer tasked with defending Frank Haynes. A decent man with a passion for justice. Full of homespun wisdom.

Bill Madden (40s-70s) – Jim’s father and Tena’s much older brother. A very likeable man. Always willing to help someone in need. Everybody likes Bill!

Hearn (40s-60s) – The Prosecutor at Frank Hayne’s trial. A Blunt man, just doing his job.